A bit About Us


The agency was started in 1922 by A.M. Hersey. After world war 11. G.G. Buffum (A Northern California Native) was an army buddy of A.M. Hersey and after a couple of years, Mr. Buffum went into partnership with Mr. Hersey and the agency became Hersey and Buffum Insurance Brokers. In 1959 Buffum took in a partner, James Harris and the agency became Buffum & Harris. In 1965 a young, underwriter was hired from one of the agency's main carriers Firemen's Fund. Gary Napier entered the agency and the agency became Buffum, Harris & Napier.

James Harris left the agency in 1971. Bill Buffum passed away 1972. The agency became Buffum & Napier Insurance Brokers. In 1988 Michelle Blunkall, a young lady, with a banking background, joined the agency and became the principal/owner in 2003. Gary Napier is semi-retired and the agency name is now Blunkall and Napier Insurance Brokers.